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Water Damage

Fire damage is not the only threat to your home.  Water damage can cause extensive damage in a short period of time.

The American Insurance Association reported that during the period 2007 to 2009, water leaks in homes resulted to property loss amounting to $9.1 billion. This is equivalent to about twenty three percent of all property losses suffered by homeowners.

The leaks and water damage are mainly caused by freezing pipes and plumbing failures. What is alarming is that the Association reported that the growth of water leaks and damages as components of homeowners insurance is faster than any other component of home insurance. The average amount needed to repair water leaks can be over $20,000 on the average.

One study claims that up to ninety three percent of the damage caused by leaks could be avoided if there is a system in place that detects leaks. The same study claims that an automatic shut off system can also prevent damage.Type your paragraph here

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Your home is most valuable asset. By having adequate insurance you minimize your out of pocket expenses in the event of a loss.  There are many perils you need protection from- fire, wind, hail, lightning, vandalism and water damage. If you have a lender for your home you will be required to have adequate coverage. It is typically much more affordable to purchase your own coverage than to allow your lender to force place insurance for you.

Personal insurance products

Valuable Property- Jewelry, Fine Arts, Silverware, Furs, Guns, Etc.

Most homeowners policies limit the coverage you receive for valuable items. To make sure your items  are covered in the event of a loss, consider scheduling your items on your insurance policy.

Watercraft Insurance

Who needs coverage? You need coverage for large or fast boats, including jet skis. Canoes and small boats may be covered for physical damage under the homeowner policy. This would not include liability coverage.  Contact us to see if your watercraft is properly covered.

Why do  you need to insure your home or valuable property? Do you cook in your home or do laundry? Here are some facts that may interest you:

Fires that started in the kitchen

Majority of fire related claims on home insurance is related to kitchen or cooking fires. Each year there is an average of 154,700 homes, which get damaged by fires that involve the use of cooking equipment. The overall cost of the damage at the national level reaches $724 million each year.

Clothes dryers and fires

A recent report prepared by the U.S. Fire Administration indicted that around 2,900 fires occur across the country each year which are related to the use of clothes dryers. The report mentioned that an estimated $35 million in property damage take place each year because of the use of this appliance.

Also, clothes dryer fires cause one hundred injuries and five deaths on average each year. These incidents experience a peak during the fall and winter months. A significant factor leading to clothes dryer fires is failure to clean the unit.

Automobile, RV, & Motorcycle Insurance

Make sure all of your vehicles and drivers in your household are adequately covered.  Claims are often denied because a vehicle or driver isn't listed on a policy. We will guide you in making the best choices to protect your family.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

This additional liability coverage extends above any underlying liability coverage on your automobile, homeowners, and watercraft  policy to protect you and your assets in the event of a major claim or lawsuit.